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June 30 2016 5 30 /06 /June /2016 18:53

Mr Corbyn quoted as saying: "Our Jewish friends are no more responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu government than our Muslim friends are for those various self-styled Islamic states or organisations."

It is only ‘OUR Jewish Friends’ that are exempt from responsibility for the ‘actions’ to which Corbyn objects. That would leave a large number of Jews who he does not exempt from such responsibility, because the overwhelming majority of Jewish people, of all political persuasions are not friends of my Corbyn.

It is not worth enunciating the obvious distinctions between Israel, the Netanyahu government and Isis. It is as worthwhile as indignantly setting out the differences between my pet cat and a football referee, even one who might drink milk or exterminate the odd rodent.

I am not your friend, Mr Corbyn, and treat your nonsense with the contempt it deserves. It is more troubling that there are many of your supporters, the grass roots type, who are sufficiently close to the mud to believe, propagate and foster the hatred of those that some might perceive as not being your friends and of being responsible for the Isis-like fantasies that you and others ascribe to Israel or the Netanyahu government. There is no need to apologise for the offence you have caused. It is taken from whence it has come. It is indicative of Mr Corbyn’s attitude to Israel, and whether that is perceived or found or posited by Ms Chakrabarti, or anyone else for that matter to be either anti-Semitic or offensive, or both or none of the above, it is obnoxious.

Personally, but then who am I to say anything, I do not hold all Labour Party members responsible for the offensive remarks of their leader. Nor do I believe that all Labour party members are anti-Semites. It is only those who actually dislike Jews who are anti-Semitic. I am also not responsible for the actions of Israel or any of its governments. That does not mean that I am not filled with awe at Israel’s litany of achievements and more profoundly at how normal and moral Israel is when it is faced with constant vilification and deadly attacks.

It is the people of Israel who should be proud of who they are and what they constantly achieve. To build a functioning economy, democracy with dynamic diverse people is nothing short of miraculous; built as it has been under constant threat of annihilation and economic sanction. Please associate me as a Jew with Israel. It is a source of pride. I wish I was more ‘responsible’ for Israel and its achievements.

I do not hold all Labour Party members responsible for the doings and sayings of Corbyn. They are no more responsible for his nonsense than moderate Muslims are for Isis, than even Jewish non-friends of Corbyn’s may be for Israel and even all football administrators may be for England’s performance against Iceland. Mr Corbyn and his views have been part of the Labour Party for a long time. Those Labour supporters who are not anti-Semites nor vilifiers of Israel have campaigned and marched and allied yourselves to the Corbyn-types for a long time. He has sat in parliament for decades as a Labour member. He is unmistakably one of you!

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