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June 9 2016 5 09 /06 /June /2016 19:15

Abbas claims that the Bible supports the notion that the Palestinians lived in the Land before Abraham. This is according to the headlines of an article that I have yet to read. Baseless drivel that revises history or recast reality, is a waste of time. He probably may eans the following: Right at the beginning of the whole of the world God says, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our form.’ The classic question, dealt with by ancient Jewish sources who up till now have been considered to have preceded the Palestinians, is to whom was the Almighty speaking when he made this statement. Presumably Abbas has an alternative to the treatment of this question. He must understand that the Creator was speaking to the Palestinians. Who else could He have been addressing? Surely this must be the Biblical reference to which Abbas was referring. The Palestinians and Palestine go back a long way. God would not dare to have moved without consulting the Palestinians first; nowadays no one else does. All of this happened before there were Jews, In the Middle East or anywhere else!

Of course the Rabbis would have suppressed the real meaning of this verse! Jews, anti-Semites and others love to blame the Rabbis for distorting everything, particularly the religion they practice.

You might have thought, applying an immature and disingenuous logic, that Abbas was trying to create the impression that the Biblically mentioned Philistines, who lived in the neighbourhood at least at the time of Abraham, were and are the Palestinians. But Abbas would not make such a crass and unsupportable claim, no Palestinian would. Everyone knows that although this ancient people lived in and around Gaza they disappeared long before the events in the Jewish Bible had concluded. The Greeks occupied the area. They made no mention of the Palestinians in their literature. The Palestinians of that time, who must have existed if Abbas and others are to be believed, left us no historical or archaeological record of their stance towards the Greek imperialists, among the various items they neglected to leave behind.

Josephus makes no mention of the Palestinians. Presumably his Zionist sympathies, dating back to before the Jewish people were exiled from Israel, make him erase any mention of the Palestinians in an act of shameless revisionism.

The Romans themselves make no mention of the Palestinians. They do make a mention of the Jews and do build an arch in Rome to commemorate their removal of the Jews from Israel, the destruction of the Jewish Temple, which stood, ironically on a location known throughout the ages, until the contemporary Palestinians put us right, the Temple Mount. Maybe the Romans wanted to destroy Temple to free it from occupation to give it back to the dispossessed Palestinians. After all the Romans renamed the country then called Israel, previously known as, not Palestine but Canaan, as Palestine. Of course the Romans renamed the capital. Mysteriously they did not call it Al Quds! Aelia Capitolina was a city built in a Roman colony. Nobody of the time mentions the Palestinians, even though the Romans call the country Palestine. Dreadful imperialist revisionism. Their Zionist sympathies, despite war and devastation wrought upon the Jews, prevented the Romans from recognising the actual Palestinians. From the writings of the Romans, the early Christians and other contemporaries one might believe there were no Palestinians in the area called Palestine at the time.

That part of the world comes under Muslim domination within a few hundred years. One would anticipate a sympathetic approach and appropriate recognition of Palestinian national aspirations. But nothing comes the way of the Palestinians in the first millennium. Nobody, not even the Muslim historians, find it necessary to mention them.

As the Middle Ages unfold the western Christian world takes a new found interest in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Crusades to liberate the land take place. Perhaps the Crusaders, like many modern Christians, thought the area should be restored to the Palestinians and wanted to throw out Egyptian, Turkish and other Muslim occupiers. If modern commentators, like Ken Livingstone, are to be believed the Palestinians have been there for two thousand years. (He does not go as far back as Abbas has now done). Yet the historical records of the time, stories and even legends, not only fail to notice the existence of any Palestinians in the area, they never describe a single refugee camp. Unlike our modern reports of and from the Middle East, there are no Palestinian commentators. No professor at any Western university champions the plight of the Palestinians. Richard the Lionheart was not imprisoned with nor did he meet any!

But none of this really matters. Even though the Palestinians elude history until nearly the end of the second millennium, they are, Biblically, so Abbas, the scholar tells us, the ancient people of days of yore. Let us forget that both Jewish and Muslim sources ascribe Abraham as the father of the Arab peoples. The Palestinians are more ancient. They precede their own progenitor. Let us ignore the Muslim ‘narrative’ that rejects the ‘Bible’ as authentic. The Bible is a corruption of what is actually the Koran. The Bible is not reliable, but if I can squeeze in an interpretation of any aspect of the Jewish scripture to support a ridiculous and false claim, then boy, the Bible is Gospel truth!

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