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February 16 2011 4 16 /02 /February /2011 13:41

When one watches or listens to prime minister's questions one observes a spectacle during which the opposition contend that the government are doing nothing correct (other than expressing regret over military deaths) and simultaneously the government contends that everything that is wrong is the fault of the opposition and were they the government things would deteriorate even further. The government claims to be doing the good things they are accused of not doing while saying that the way they are doing them will bear fruits and that they, the government, are committed to the things the opposition acuses them of not being committed to, and in fact, it is the opposition who are not truly (or at all) committed to those things, but are misguided in thinking that they are committed. Both accuse the other of 'not listening to..' a variety of categories or groups that should be listened to, like 'the people of Britain' 'the working classes' etc etc.

Everyone who stands up seems to represent a constituency of believers. ('Does the prime mninister agree/disagree with the people of my constituency who believe...?' How is it and why that people, particularly all of them in one or other parliamentary constuency, seem to have a universal and fervent belief in something about which their mp is now asking a question?


Now while everyone is accusing everyone else of either not listening at all, or listening to the 'wrong' people', what is clear is that these well drilled politicians are all listening very carefully to what is being said. That is what one supposes is of essence during a democratic debate. However it seems abundantly clear that no one is particulaly interested in any substance of any question or answer, other than for the opverall impact it will have on the people who adjudicate on radio or televisipn as to who won this week's session.


The whole exercose is quite silly if one thinks about it. People get to ask questions of those they believe do not have the answers for the very purpose of purporting to show that the other does not have answers. Thgis is, one supposes, why there is nothing called 'answer time.' in parliament.


What leaves me most concerned about this accusation and defamation session is that no one is right all the time and no one is wrong all the time. Whatdisturbs me here is that the only time these politicians may ever be right is when they are criticizing one another.

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