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April 11 2011 2 11 /04 /April /2011 19:33

Women are now being arrested in France for wearing Hajib or Naqib in public. Apparently a woman can be fined for wearing these face concealing items and those who compel them to do so can be given a greater fine. Many among the tolerant Europeans find that their tolerance comes to a screeching halt when it comes to that offensive item, the publically obscured female Muslim face. When veiled Palestinian are shown on television  wailing no one writes letters complaining of the veils, yet most feel that allowing women to wear these veils in public should be outlawed as a symbol of undemocratic and oppressive conduct irreconcilable with a free and tolerant human rights loving society. We will free these women from oppressive hands whether they like it or not.


France does not allow public wearing of certain religious items, particularly in court. I am not sure the Pope would be in trouble for wearing his skull cap in the public buildings of Paris but Muslims and Jews should beware.


What damage or threat does wearing a hajib or naqib, or a windsock over one’s face for that matter, pose to society? Is my vote or security threatened because some women either through their own choice or coercion are covering their faces? None of us are any less free or able to live the lives we wish to lead because of the amount of nose, mouth or forehead others are willing to display in public, whether it is through their religion, any contorted version of a religion or for any other logical or absurd reason whatsoever. Veils do not themselves commit acts of oppression or intolerance nor do they explode taking their wearer or surrounding victims to their post mortal destination.


We should worry about laws or thinking that can and may well easily be extended to curbing other religious practices or public displays of religion. Will we ban other head coverings? Will we fine those who compel others to comply with religious ritual and practice against their will? Jewish parents do not seek the child’s view before circumcising his foreskin. Come at me today with a knife to cut a sensitive part of my body off and I may well resort to non-Ghandian methods of resistance, something I was quite unable to do all those years ago.  Although I suppose the circumcision issue is not that germane to the naqib or hajib unless the circumcised individual makes a public display of his religious commitment at a nudist beach some time later.


There are unfortunately certain practises, philosophies and public conduct of certain Islamists that are an open and obvious threat to not only democratic and human rights in Europe, but to human life in Europe, and elsewhere. Recruit followers in prison to carry out atrocities in the name of a religion, the E U will probably fund you or allow you to receive funding from oil rich countries. Propagate genocide against Jews and Israel, and your rights to free speech and freedom of expression will be lauded, hallowed boosted and guaranteed.


Imagine if all the western world had done to combat Soviet expansionism, nuclear threat, oppression of its citizens and satellite states was to ban wearing furry hats in public. We would all be calling one another comrade and queuing up at empty supermarkets.


Why do we draw a veil over the real threat?

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