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February 20 2011 1 20 /02 /February /2011 19:34
I have watched Mr Morpurgo's lecture about the 'rights of children' and the allegations and slurs he makes that children are purposely targeted in Gaza. He says their rights are flagrantly ignored. He seems to insinuate that it is the Israelis who are ignoring their rights. He listens to anti-Israel rhetoric and propoganda. He does not acknowledge how these children's rights are more importantly their minds and souls are poisoned by the antiSemtic garbage and militaristic propaganda is fed to them by Hamas. Does he think the Israeli army is acting, at all, because of Jewish or zionist bloodlust? He claims to recognoise that this is a two sided conflict. Does he not realise or recognise that Israel has taken extreme measures to protect its citizens and children against attacks that target civilians, many of whom are children? Where do the Hamas rockets come from? Where do the suicide bombers come from? Where are children recruited and indocrinated to give themselves as suicide bombers against the 'oppressor'? Who hides their weapons and who fires shots using children as a shield. If he got his facts straight he would realise that Israel does not target children. Which side distributes warning before it launches military strikes, imploring civilians to leavce. Which side calls for the destruction of the other? Who, really, Mr very articulated Morpurgo, is targeting and who is targeted?

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