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February 14 2011 2 14 /02 /February /2011 16:35

Is it an advancement of democracy if more facist movements are empowered by a political change?


Nobody (apparently, except for a lot of people) wants to deny every one else their human and democratic rights. Everyone (so we are told by equally unelected commentators) should have the right and capacity to participate in and enjoy the benefit of a democratic society. We should all rejoice at change, when it appears to herald a greater opportunity for more voices to be heard, more votes to be cast and more people to live in a democratic state. Everyone rejoices at the fall of an unpopular tyrant.


But what if a large portion of the people agitating for the departure of the regime are not interested in real social justice, democracy, human rights charters and heaven on earth? What in fact if a significant portion of those who will benefit from a change in regime are in fact bent on destruction of others or power to impose their own form of oppression? Many recent revolutions have not lead to greater democracy, neither in the short term nor without either chaos, serious oppression, occasional genocide  and other devastation interceding over many years before stability, order and any prospect of improvenent in either the human rights or living conditions can occur.


We have seen the selfish and power hungry exploiting their newfound powers to do anything but improve either the material, spiritual or political welfare of the nations they have liberated from previous tyranny.


The Russian revolution heralded the degradation and massacre of millions far beyond any cruelty or oppression the Tzars ever managed. Look at much of Africa. Look at Iran. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of overthrowing the Shah and replacing him with a facist theocracy is that many have come closere to God, by being handed over to His mercy by the revolutionaries.


In Egypt no one wants anyone to lack rights, be opressed or denied their due participation in an improved and more democratic society. Yet if the change in Egyptian soiciety empowers those who wish to destroy other people, cultures or religions, then while it may be undemocratic to say so, but I a

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