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February 19 2013 3 19 /02 /February /2013 12:52

If we control the world how did we let most of the oil land up in Arab hands? If we control the banks why don’t I have a much larger amount in my bank account? If we control the media why do so many anti-Semitic or anti-Israel newspapers, television stations, websites etcetera operate and ‘expose’ Israel so readily?

If we control international finance and trade, how come Bin Laden had so much money and I have so little? How come China is so wealthy? How come the Saudis have so much money? How come Warren Buffet and Bill Gates are so wealthy? Are the Saudis simply Zionist stooges? Who are the Alwaleeds? Who is Mohammed Shafik Gabr? Who is Mohammed Al Amoudi? Are these men and their wealth just a temporary smoke screen that will dissipate as soon as a few large nosed stick brokers pull a few strings?

If we control the world why do I always have hassles trying to get technical help from so-called customer services? Why do I drive a fifteen year old banger? Why can’t Barnet FC do better now that they have a Jewish Manager? And if the Jewish Zionists are really so powerful how come there are still Palestinians?


How come those who espouse Jewish conspiracy theories are never pilloried for portraying gentiles as pliable zombie victims incapable to recognising their own lack of independence?


 ‘Should we go to a movie tonight?’

 ‘I don’t know, what’s the latest from our local Zionist thought-monitor?’

‘Shall we go down to Tahrir Square and protest against the regime?’

‘No, the regime is supported by the Zionists and don’t want us to protest?’

‘I thought the opposition was supported by the Zionists?’

‘It is.’

‘But you’re saying the regime is supported by the Zionists?’

‘It is.’

‘I don’t understand!’

‘Of course you don’t understand! That’s how devious the satanic ways of the Zionist Jewish tentacles are. We are prevented from recognising what is really going on by a Zionist plot. The fact is that in all modern conflicts both sides are co-operatively destroying one another at the behest of the Zionist Jewish Bankers, freemasons and dentists.’

‘Can we go blow ourselves up in protest at Zionist activities and oppression?’

‘Yes, but only if the Zionists give the go ahead, after all, all bombings are their work.’

‘Did the Zionists really blow up the twin towers?’

‘Of course, it was the Mossad. They used oversized drones.’

‘Did the Zionists control the Nazis in World War Two?’

‘Of course they did. They duped the Germans into setting up what looked like concentration camps and killing Jews. Then they mesmerised everyone to vote for the criminal establishment of a Jewish state. Then they got everyone to recognise that the Jews who had been killed by the Nazis hadn’t been killed at all. Since then they have successfully blinded everyone so that no one can actually even read the football scores for themselves without swallowing wholeheartedly the Zionist slant. Thus if you read Manchester United 2, Reading 1, this is just to divert your attention away from the fact that right now millions of Palestinians are being tortured by being made to think that they are subject to a choice between Fatah and Hamas!’


'That's too harsh to even imagine!'

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