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February 20 2012 2 20 /02 /February /2012 20:25

There are many difficult philosophical questions that have troubled thinkers for millennia. It took thousands of years before Xeno’s paradox was solved. A body in motion has to get half way before it gets to its destination and therefore should always be getting halfway to what was previously halfway. Accordingly nothing should ever get anywhere. Eventually someone worked out the concept of continuum, so it is acceptable that things actually get somewhere even if they should not be doing so logically. Man has grappled with many issues, God, suffering, good and evil and even, why is there Belgium?


What perplexes me is, what is the purpose of goo? By goo, if one can settle definitions at the outset, one means gooey substances secreted or excreted by the human being. What is the purpose of saliva, catarrh (snot to the layman), phlegm and most disconcertingly, earwax? Now biologically all these substances serve a purpose. They rid us of excess waste or protect us from some harm. Saliva helps us digest. The truly perplexing questions on gooey substances are what is their spiritual purpose and why do we produce such an inordinate amount of them?


If the production of goo is incidental to random evolutionary  process, one still has the second question, why can living creatures not produce a more economic method of lining the sinuses and ear passages? Does the survival of the species benefit by an advanced system of diverse goo manufacture? Maybe this one will be solved and in a few million years mankind’s hearing and breathing will be unencumbered by goo.


But if there is a God why does He need all this goo in His world? According to some search on Google the average person produces 3. 113 square metres of earwax  per year. This is about 8. 5 mm2 per day. Based on a world population estimate of 6,775,235,741 of about a year ago this would mean the production of approximately 57889.5037985 km 2 of human earwax per day. That is just the earwax. That is an overwhelming amount t6o think about.  Imagine similar parallels with other bits of gooey stuff. Vast quantities of goo, just among humans, are flowing and oozing out of our bodies every day. If you were God is this how you would have created the world?


Yet the world is not overwhelmed. There is no mounting crisis of goo spreading over human civilization. It all disappears barely noticed back into the various cycles of nature. Evanescence takes care. There is no build up of these waxy bi-products outside of the body.  Why is it like this? Why is there so much oozing out of us unnoticed and into the great beyond of our immediate surroundings?


Natural selection, if it is in charge (by default, I suppose), has not stopped us producing such vast quantities of goo, yet has neatly evolved us to produce fast disappearing non-polluting goo. The only place human waste is problematic tends to be in manmade sewerage systems. If our biological systems are products of accidental selection we have done very well to funnel our excess into automatic evanescence. Is there any fossilized snot piled up somewhere  from before either living organisms or the environment stumbled into the solution of producing evanescent goo?


Why, if there is a God, does He need us to consist of goo producing material? While suffering may not be fun, people grow through suffering. We function as goo producers, but what does the creation of all that snot achieve? What can we learn from it? God could have lined our ear passages with waxy stuff of a more permanent consistency.


Yet what are but goo producers, manufacturing a constant stream or oozy flow of gunk that disappears? Is that what we are, or is there, perhaps, some greater potential in us? Surely we can produce from ourselves, our minds and bodies and higher dimensions, something more enduring.


Constant production of evanescent goo is universal! Perhaps my questions should vex a few thinkers. Without spirituality we are just goo releasers.


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