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March 14 2011 2 14 /03 /March /2011 15:54

If you criticize Islamists for what they actually do, you are anti-Muslim, but if you accuse Jews of what they never have done you are anti-Zionist..


Al Qaeda and other Islamist groupings make no bones about their ideology, aims or methodology. They wish to impose Islamism by violent means and overthrow the West.  They are proud of their handiwork and they and their followers pronounce their joy at their 'achievements' unreservedly. They have no hidden plot, only a very open and well publicized agenda. Western civilization, Jews and all infidels are  fair game in the conduct of their campaign. If they take out a few of their  Muslim bretheren in the process of attacking Western, Jewish or imperialist targets, they are happy to facilitate the martyrdom of these involuntary recruits to their holy movement. Their allies set up schools that train children to follow their path under Western noses and outreach programs recruit wherever they can from campuses to prisons.


Yet speak up about it and you will be prosecuted. Have the temerity to say that those who openly  threaten Europe are a threat and you will be very unpopular for formenting racial or religious intolerance. You see, the world will be a vastly better place if everyone was more tolerant. So let's start the process by tolerating, in the name of democracy, the most outspoken, violent and unashamed enemy of democracy. Let us facilitate to the death its right to advocate, fund and organise our destruction.


There have been numerous slanders of Israel and Zionism over the past  60 odd years. Today, one of the most criticized forces in the world is one that is entirely fictitious. The so-called 'Zionist Lobby', (something that does not consist of any publically pro-Israel groupings) is the designated formenter of ongoing tensions and trouble in and beyond the Middle East. This powerful subterranean and tentacled monster somehow penetrates and influences enough public and governmental thinking, despite representing a wholly baseless and unjustifiable cause, enabling Israel to continue its evil and oppressive ways. The majority of America are in the thrall of this lobby. US, UK and other leaders go to war blinded to the truth and doing the bidding of the cunning and manipulative elders (or whoever) of Zionism. If the Holocaust happened then it is exploited by the Zionist Lobby to promote Israel. If the Holocaust did not happen, then it is a Zionist invention to justify Zionist expansion and opression.


Speak up about this or accuse Israel of culling organs from Haitian Tornado victims, and you are expressing an opinion, something democracy allows you to do. Blame Israel for terror attacks upon its own citizens. that is your right. Say that the Mossad or some other tool of the Zionist lobby was behind 9/11, 7/7 or the Spanish bombings, then that's up to you.


You may upset Jews when you criticize Israel. You may upset them when you slander Israel, but then free speech and criticizm is not anti-Semitic, so you can do it with the blessing of European law. It is no longer even anti-Semitic to blame Jews for being 'oversensitive to criticism of Israel'. Just do not criticize Islamists, that forments hatred and will get you in trouble with the law.

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