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March 4 2011 6 04 /03 /March /2011 12:37

The whole media watching community is focused on Colonel Gaddaffi's pathetic and yet damaging attempts at clinging on to his power. He is decried (probably quite accurately) as delusional in claiming the love and loyalty of the Libyan masses. The world leaders are all heavily into 'urge' mode, trying to get the Colonel to stand down from whatever office of power it is that he does or does not occupy.  The Colonel resists and tens of thousands of lives are disrupted and endangered.


Now the United Kingdom's problems are not nearly as catastrophic as those of Libya. However these problems are problems and need tackling. We can be glad that we have a democratically constituted government and provision for vociferous opposition to its policies. Libya is in turmoil because it has none of these institutions of democracy. Trying to complain about the regime in Libya does not result in being made to hold for hours by some so-called customer services line.


One of the United Kingdom's very real problems is its poor financial mismanagement. The Labour Party lead the country from a position of economic prosperity in 1997 to a somewhat less prosperous situation in May 2010. One of the set backs of democracy is that unfortunately one only gets to vote for politicians. Thus from the morass left behind by Labour the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have turfed their purportedly strongly held principles to combine in a Coalition. They have had to take, and are willing to take, so-called 'hard choices', which involve cutting spending miney the country does not have, to try arrest and turn around the economic deficit. This, they recognise, principles and policies aside, has to be done, because the pot of borrowing and deficit is neither sustainable nor neverending. These cuts cannot be achieved without impacting on people. The policies of the coalition are not a malicious attempt to make life harder for more people by Tories, whose nature is to do so, and by Lib-Dems, who are selling their free-spending souls for a share of power.  They are hard cuts for necessary saving to stop this country from furtherr future hardships.


But what has this problem got to do with the tryrant of the month, Colonel Gaddaffi? Very simply one has to wonder why is it that what seems to resonate with a large portion of the country is the Labour argument that all these spending cuts are unfair and will hurt the people who need the most help.  If we were to carry on spending and dishing out the lolly all would be fine, because while the country's finances got to ruin, we will not have to sacrifice. Gaddaffi chooses to

believe he is loved and wanted and good for his country. If he had had the country's welfare at heart he would have done a lot more to promote its welfare over the past fourty years. He clings to the delusion he has lived with for decades. Similarly the Labour Party and its voters, many of whom are fleeing the betrayal of principle by the Lib-Dems, cling to an analagous delusion. Keep spending on voters and all will be well. We will manage the economy without having to hurt anyone. It is sadly the refusal by the Labour party and millions of voters, who cannot get rid of the illusion from their systems that this country is situated at the end of the rainbow. All we have to do is tax the rich and keep spending. No one wants to accept that this approach does not work and has never worked, and has brought this country tom its present situation.


Oh that the moderates of this country would arise in gentle rebellion against this idiocy.

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