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May 1 2016 1 01 /05 /May /2016 22:57
Dianne is reported by the BBC as saying: "It's something of a smear against ordinary party members to say the party has a problem with anti-Semitism.” It is a smear against ordinary party members The BBC continues: “She said there had been 12 reported cases of alleged anti-Semitism within the party since Jeremy Corbyn became leader and each had led to a suspension - including Mr Livingstone who was suspended ‘within hours’.”
The Labour party, as an institution, and more pertinently, its members can be exonerated fully because it is only a mere twelve errant individuals who have sinned by shooting off their mouths, by what the opportunistic would-be-smearers suspect reflects the sentiments of a larger number of Labour members feel. A few loose cannons expose their bigotry and distasteful views publicly and the nasty press and the right wing have the audacity to say that the sins of a mere twelve errant individuals reflect a greater problem in the whole party. This is calumny! The Labour Party is THE party of tolerance and universal love. The Tories and the right wing are the nasties, we’re benign and lovely and loving and you can be in our party for decades at a time and never hear anything anti-Semitic.
Let us blame the press, the right wing (and potentially, the Zionist lobby or elders of Zion.) They are exaggerating, exploiting manipulating the misfeasance of a few individuals who have said things which really aren’t what nice Labour people ought to say, and trying to blame Labour, that beacon of all that is wonderful; and good and cuddly in society.
The fact that these twelve people may just happen to have found a political home in the Party, in some cases for many decades, doesn’t mean their malfeasance reflects on the party in any sphere other than the slanders of the opportunistic and right wing press. The fact that some of these people have not only participated in party activities, promoted its policies, manifestos and ideas, been nominated as candidates or elected as officers does not mean that they represent anything about the Party or that the Party has deviated from its position as beacon of tolerance, love brotherhood of man, or anything else good, positive, wonderful and nice. Being elected to parliament or other bodies having been nominated, supported and campaigned for by the Party in no way reflects on the Party or can be used as evidence of the existence of any ‘issue’ or ‘problem’ or ‘Jewish thing’ or anything else. Only the poisoned and prejudiced mind or pen of a right wing bigot (or league of such narrow minded hard-liners) could come up with such an unfounded and foundationless slur that the display of hostility towards Jews by Labour Party representatives connotes or even hints at the existence of a problem. Only political opponents eager to garner votes for themselves and their invidious platforms would exploit the actual commission of anti-Semitic deeds as the basis for attempting to portray the purported perception in the public consciousness that the Party has or may have a problem.
The mere fact that only twelve Labour activists have stupidly opened their mouths is clear proof that all the other members love Jews so much and are tolerant, even though many of these Judeophiles sprout ‘legitimate criticism’ at Israel based squarely on misinformation, utilising the forms, language and patterns of anti-Semitism, blood libels and the like. And naturally a lot of people who are my Jewish friends also deplore Israel’s conduct, and aren’t Israel’s responses to Palestinian acts of resistance, I mean wouldn’t you want to go out and stab an Israeli housewife, well, disproportionate? Inevitably saying Israel is acting disproportionately is not anti-Semitism, even if (1) you never could say what actually would be proportionate, or (2) Israel’s actions are more constrained than Russia’s, the United Kingdom’s, France’s and any others who are obviously disproportionate and whose only distinction from Israel in attacking terrorists is that they are proportionate in their response and Israel isn’t and just because Israel happens to be Jewish doesn’t make you an anti-Semite for saying so, or (3) ignoring actual atrocities, murder, oppression and the like committed by Iran, Isis, Syria, who aren’t Jewish and blaming Israel with false and skewed invective which doesn’t make you an anti-Semite because you roundly and soundly condemn people, even in your own Party who open their mouths to articulate inescapably anti-Semitic things.
It all boils down, not to calling a spade a spade, but to some media lead conspiracy. Perhaps that invidious lot, the Zionist Lobby, and not the Jews, particularly Chomsky and Finkelstein, are behind this. They want to take your attention off things like the atrocities that Israel isn’t committing but the Pallywood-fed voices are proclaiming! The Tories are dismantling the welfare State and want to throw muck at these sweet, innocent Labourites who deplore anti-Semitism, except when it dresses up as ‘legitimate criticism of Israel’, but has the legitimacy of Goebbels and Rosenberg behind it.
Most anti-Semites are not crass enough to come outright and say they hate Jews, or want them transported somewhere. Let us give them credit for that.

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