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April 13 2016 4 13 /04 /April /2016 11:53

We should all be asking not what should the Labour Party be doing about anti-Semitism, but rather what is there about the Labour Party, and other Left leaning parties that expound tolerance, fairness, justice and all those purported values, and whose members weep on Holocaust Memorial Day, that makes anti-Semites feel so at home? All these emerging wood consuming anti-Semites have been part of Labour and the Left for a very long time. They have been side by side with the more Judeo-friendly leaders and ‘main-stream’ members in elections, legislative bodies and the political scene throughout the years of New Labour and Milliband. We are talking about them nowadays as if they are a sudden and new surprising phenomenon that recently burrowed into the parties of justice, democratic values, families and non-families of all modern varieties and have popped up with anti-Semitic cookies like an internet virus we got from downloading protest songs from a dodgy website. Some of these vociferous hate-mongering Loony-Lefty types may have protested some of the overtly Middle of the Road or Thatcherite stuff, like combatting terrorism, but they have been there, getting nominated, participating in conferences, campaigning and doing their part for a long time.

Now what attracts these naughty intruders who make injudicious comments paraphrasing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to parties like Labour are the very ideals that the Labour movement claims to represent, namely democracy, justice, fairness, tolerance, human rights, international law, peace, working families and equality (among others). In the eyes of the Left, the Jews, or the Zionists, just so happen to fit the definition of everything that is antithetical to democracy, justice, fairness, tolerance, human rights, international law, working families and equality (among others). A large portion of the world’s leaders, as voted for in the august chambers of the United Nations, deems Israel to be undemocratic. This is supported by many academics and truth seeking journalists, and being that these people are talented, clever and often with tenure at academic institutions well Israel is not just undemocratic but practises apartheid. You would have to say that much of Labour’s world view echoes that of the United Nations. Both rose to prominence with messages of hope, peace and progress in the wake of the Second World War.

Now it is posited by these democrats through their unchallengeable principles of faith that the Zionists and often the Jews act in very unfair ways. They yield undue influence through their ‘lobby’. Now this lobby mesmerises and captures control of the media and Western leaders, and even though these Western leaders spend a large amount of time accommodating the interests of countries like Saudi Arabia and lately Iran, they are mere stooges of Zionist interests. Quite how it is in the interests of Israel, Jews or Zionists to allow Iran to get all that money, trade and free reign on the nuclear program is not something that need bother anyone on the left. Nor should they be perplexed by any reporting on CNN, the BBC, the Guardian and numerous others that slams Israel, because everyone knows that all the media is controlled by the Zionists.

Zionists pervert and deny justice. They ‘extra-judicially’ shoot any innocent ‘protester’ who lobs missiles at ‘disputed’ territory. They curtail free movement of weapon carrying Palestinians, who only want what is theirs. Surely anyone who wants justice for the Palestinians should fight for justice for the Palestinians. And you cannot condemn the poor Palestinians for carrying out ‘extrajudicial’ acts against their ‘oppressors’, the Israeli occupiers deny them the opportunity to create a proper infrastructure. So if justice is your thing, well then, a lovely left wing Justice promoting party is the party for you.

Now of course we preach tolerance and we are sorry to have to say it but some of the things that some Jews do are just not that tolerant. The Orthodox are intolerant of the Reform. They are intolerant of the right of Jews who reject the notion that the Temple need play a part in Judaism having their own space at the western Wall. The Secular are intolerant of the religious. Oh yes and we all admit that Zionists through their intolerance got through and ruined things for that poor dupe from South America who got into trouble with Fifa for corruption. Of course opposing the notion of a Jewish state is not intolerance.

Human Rights. Israel leads the world in being condemned for human rights abuses. You won’t find any country or international organisation that is more routinely blamed for abuse of human rights, misogyny, apartheid, genocide and you-name-it-it’s-there than the Zionist entity. So clearly a party that promotes human rights is the party for any left leaning human rights advocate, and are in tune with such left leaning countries as Cuba, Venezuela and the progressive regimes of the Middle East who participate the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Of course the Zios are dreadful when it comes to international law. Of course there is nothing that Israel ever does that actually complies with international law. When Grotius wrote his De jure belli ac pacis libri tres (On the Law of War and Peace) he fully anticipated that Jews building homes in their now disputed ancestral homeland would be a full breach of international law as construed by the unbiased scholars that would subsequently be appointed by august international bodies to condemn Zionism.

As a lover of ‘working families’, (and of course non-working families who’ll vote for us) you will seek a party that identifies with the poor economically oppressed Palestinians that languish in Israeli prisons whilst their poor families have to make do with the handouts of thousands of dollars from Iran and others as compensation for the unjust imprisonment of those denied the martyrdom of 72 virgins through detention without execution. All those poor orphans and widows pensioned by Iran whilst their fathers and husbands endure the lurid life of the hereafter. And the lack of family life of the millions of refugees who still are imprisoned by Israeli intransigence, which somehow never managed to thwart the resettlement of Europe’s displaced millions after World war Two.

And not forgetting equality. You want a party that demands its leaders pay proper tax and are accountable. Any hint of tax avoidance and you can scream aloud how the right favour the rich over the poor. You will naturally look at the example of economic fairness where billions of pounds, euros and dollars of your and other western tax payers are duly expended. You will note the accountability and openness of the Palestinian leadership who instead of publicising their properly audited tax returns on twitter are more content to flaunt their wealth through their palatial mansions and open luxury whilst their oppressed brethren suffer the indignities of occupation. The nasty Conservatives run a campaign of austerity. The Palestinian leadership of Hamas allocate large resources to ending the occupation by building tunnels. They promote equality by encouraging women and children to engage in the struggle, either through martyrdom or through use as human shields. Is that not attractive?

So, what has the Labour Party been doing about Anti-Semitism for years?

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